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Horses in Training


Anax (Ire)

2014 bay gelding by Oscar (Ire) ex Limetree Leader (Ire) (Supreme Leader (GB))

Nigel Morris
Barnard Castle (Ire)

2015 bay gelding by Oscar (Ire) ex Rambling Liss (Ire) (Presenting (GB))

Conyers, O'Reilly, Roddis, Zeffman
Beatthebullet (Ire)

2014 brown gelding by Flemensfirth (USA) ex Top Quality (GB) (Simply Great (Fr))

Miss Rebecca Curtis
Black Sam Melody (GB)

2016 bay mare by Black Sam Bellamy (Ire) ex Moonlight Music (Ire) (Rossini (USA))

M A Sherwood
Boston Joe (Ire)

2016 bay gelding by Sageburg (Ire) ex Supreme Millie (Ire) (Milan (GB))

Miss Rebecca Curtis
Cabot Hills (Ire)

2017 bay gelding by Gleneagles (Ire) ex Peeping Fawn (USA) (Danehill (USA))

The Brizzle Boys
Cubao (Ire)

2014 bay gelding by Fame And Glory (GB) ex Rematch (Ire) (Old Vic (GB))

Primus Partners
Dalaman (Ire)

2011 bay gelding by Duke Of Marmalade (Ire) ex Crimphill (Ire) (Sadler’s Wells (USA))

Diamond Racing Ltd
Fiddlers Tracker (Ire)

2015 bay gelding by Pour Moi (Ire) ex Tracker (GB) (Bustino (GB))

R Hyde
Financial Outcome (Ire)

2013 bay gelding by Financial Reward (Ire) ex Catriona’s Mare (Ire) (Taipan (Ire))

Ccorz Partners
Geordie Des Champs (Ire)

2011 brown gelding by Robin Des Champs (Fr) ex Kilcoleman Lady (Ire) (Presenting)

John P McManus
Joe Farrell (Ire)

2009 bay gelding by Presenting (GB) ex Luck Of The Deise (Ire) (Old Vic (GB))

M Sherwood, N Morris & R Curtis
Joueur Bresilien (Fr)

2012 bay gelding by Fuisse (Fr) ex Fille Du Bresil (Fr) (Smadoun (Fr))

Inthewayboy Group
Legends Gold (Ire)

2014 bay mare by Gold Well (GB) ex Fu’s Legend (Ire) (Pistolet Bleu (Ire))

Lockett, Hyde, Mountford, Bishop & Outhart
Lisnagar Oscar (Ire)

2013 bay gelding by Oscar (Ire) ex Asta Belle (Fr) (Astarabad (USA))

Racing For Fun
Lissitzky (Ire)

2015 bay gelding by Declaration of War (USA) ex Tarfshi (GB) (Mtoto (GB))

Nigel Morris
Minella Bobo (Ire)

2013 grey gelding by Oscar (Ire) ex Line Kendie (Fr) (Bonnet Rouge (Fr))

Moran, Outhart, McDermott, Hyde & Hill
Oscar Asche (Ire)

2014 bay gelding by Oscar (Ire) ex Boro Supreme (Ire) (Supreme Leader (GB))

Spencer Gammond, Jackie Rymer & Rob Farnham
Pats Fancy (Ire)

2015 bay gelding by Oscar (Ire) ex Pat’s Darling (Ire) (Supreme Leader (GB))

Hydes, Mcdermott, Spencer, Frobisher & Lee
Pennyforapound (Ire)

2014 bay gelding by Winged Love (Ire) ex Recession Lass (Ire) (Presenting (GB))

R & J Farnham, P Burns, S Gammond, F Street
Ranieri (Ire)

2015 bay gelding by Westerner (GB) ex Carrigmoorna Storm (Ire) (Glacial Storm (USA))

The Brizzle Boys
Relentless Dreamer (Ire)

2009 brown gelding by Kayf Tara ex Full Of Elegance (Fr) (Cadoudal (Fr))

Nigel Morris
Ruthless Article (Ire)

2013 bay gelding by Definite Article (GB) ex Lady Kamando (GB) (Hernando (Fr))

J Rymer, R Farnham, C Rymer & J Farnham
Summer Name (Ire)

2012 bay gelding by Duke Of Marmalade (Ire) ex Summer’s Eve (GB) (Singspiel (Ire))

Relentless Dreamers Racing
Sunset Showdown (Ire)

2013 bay gelding by Flemensfirth (USA) ex Sunset Queen (ire) (King’s Theatre (Ire))

John P McManus
Time To Follow (Ire)

2016 bay gelding by Flemensfirth (USA) ex Supreme Beneficial (Ire) (Beneficial (GB))

Fforest Star Racing Ltd
Tinkers Hill Tommy (Ire)

2011 bay gelding by King’s Theatre (Ire) ex Satco Street (Ire) (Satco (Fr))

W D Lewis
Universal Brook (GB)

2016 bay mare by Universal (Ire) ex Alfies Gift (GB) (Helissio (Fr))

Mrs G Davies
Wayfinder (Ire)

2014 brown gelding by Shantou (USA) ex Sibury (Ire) (Overbury (Ire))

The Wayfinders